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Five Tips to Make the Most of Your Mobile Advertising


Mobile AdvertisingThe best mobile ads make the best of mobile technology. Mobile ads are small, but powerful when used right. A study found that brand favorability was 14.5% higher among people who saw their best-performing mobile ads.

Follow the tips below to make the most of your mobile campaign.

  1. Use a Phone Number – Mobile’s big advantage over other advertising is its connection to a phone.  A simple click to call provides a quick and easy source of leads.
  2. Include a Strong Call to Action –  Give people a good reason to click: get a coupon, sign up for offers, download a free game or entertainment.
  3. Give a Reason to Share – A study by ShareThis shows people are twice as likely to share something through mobile than through a desktop.  Reasons for sharing include relevancy, usefulness of the offer, use of humor and entertainment.
  4. Time it Right – The immediacy of mobile makes the timing of your ad that much more important.  Make sure it serves up when you want people to take action.  A phone number that comes up when the business is closed isn’t that useful.  A coupon that shows up when geotargeting shows the customer is near the store is much more likely to get results.
  5. Place it Right – Know the audience of the site or app you are advertising on and make sure your ad speaks to them.

Please share your thoughts on other strategies for making the most of mobile advertising.




5 thoughts on “Five Tips to Make the Most of Your Mobile Advertising

  1. Great tips! I think #2, call to action, is especially important. If you can get people to act on your message quickly and easily — that’s a huge win.

  2. Great list, Carolyn! I would also add a mobile coupon for redemption if the product or service could benefit from a mobile coupon. I found this to be very valuable with the brand I engage with. I had a coupon last year from Rita’s Italian Ice and it was emailed to me, the only problem was I had to physically print the coupon for them to honor it. Let’s just say, we rarely visit that location now, cause of the fuss they made after we showed them the coupon on our phone.

  3. Carolyn, this is a good list to have. Five has a nice ring, but I might also include A/B testing and keeping ad messages short (think quick and easy). Mandy Lewis, director at Acquity Group, Chicago says, “Keep it simple – mobile and social sites that quickly communicate simple and compelling value to consumers have much higher success rates.” I think this is good advice considering the amount of competing visual ads consumers encounter each day in the digital and non-digital spectrum.

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